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On site paint shop with the highest technology paint systems available in the world to ensure your car repair is flawless


The Paint Shop has huge responsibility because it ties all the hard work together into a seamless finish. It’s also the first thing you inspect as a customer picking your newly repaired car. The Paint Shop covers several different processes all combined into one department and Willmot uses the world leading PPG Envirobase High Performance paint system. With 4 decades of experience our refinish vehicles are as close to the original paint finish as possible by hand.

Our painters use the skills they have learned through training with PPG and continual professional development to achieve the flawless look and shine of a new car.

Willmot Smash Repairs is proud to use PPG’s Envirobase waterborne paint. It reduces the pollutants of traditional solvent based paints giving your car not only the best finish but the best environmental choice too.

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136 Newell Street,
Bungalow QLD 4870

07 4054 3233


Monday – Thursday 7am-5pm
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