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136 Newell Street, Bungalow QLD 4870

Number plate

A photo of the front of the car showing the number plate.

VIN plate

Your Vin Plate can normally be found in the engine bay, driver's door jam, passenger's door jams (front and rear) or the spare wheel well. Make sure the PAINT CODE is visible.

Rear of car

Please try and make sure we can see any badges that are on the back of the car.

Wide photo 1

A wide-angle photo of the whole car from the side.

Instrument bezel

Please make sure we can see the odometer (If possible) and any fault codes that may be on.

Wide photo 2

A wide-angle photo showing the damage so we can assess paint blending options.

Close up damage

A close-up photo showing the damaged part of the car in as much detail as possible.

Anything else?

Provide us with any other photos of damage to the car that you feel we may find useful.

Willmot Smash Repairs are approved repairers
We are fully accredited for the following major insurance companies and manufacturers
Our friendly & professional office team assist our customers by doing everything we can to help take the stress out of getting their vehicles repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible.
The process
With our proven formula to complete projects we have established a process that provides the most efficient management of works while establishing real guidelines on expected completion times.
Paint shop
The Paint Shop has huge responsibility because it ties all the hard work together into a seamless finish. It’s also the first thing you inspect as a customer picking your newly repaired car.
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Willmot Smash Repairs

T: (07) 4054 3233
E: smash@wsrs.com.au
136 Newell Street, Bungalow QLD 4870

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