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Cairns Car Detailing
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Cairns car detailing
We also provide full Cairns car detailing services

Available from our location in Bungalow where we can transform your vehicle to as new condition with our Cairns car detailing. If you’ve had an enjoyable weekend away camping and fishing or an extended holiday traveling our region and your car has reached a point where it’s in dire need of a full detail, contact our team for a quote to transform you car where we can having it smelling and looking shiny again with our Cairns car detailing.

Regardless of why you need our Cairns car detailing services, we provide a professional approach and with our knowledge of how car paint and car trim pieces work and are fabricated, we can provide the best level of Cairns car detailing service.

Whether you have a small car or a large 4WD, Willmot Smash Repair Specialist can provide Cairns car detailing to a range of all vehicle makes and models.

If you are a business, you can schedule your entire vehicle fleet on a Cairns car detailing maintenance schedule at our workshop on a regular basis saving you time and securing better rates.

Book your Cairns car detailing service today and have it back the same day if approved. This is great for people wanting to sell their cars and have them looking pristing - thanks to our Cairns car detailing services.

Cairns car detailing
car detailing cairns
cairns leading car detailing
comprehensive car detailing cairns
Cairns car detailing experts

Whether you require just a mini car detail with just an internal and external standard clean, or if you require the internal of your vehicle to have the car seats removed and a full shampoo as well as a major cut and polish, we can cater to all your requirements with our class leading Cairns car detailing.

To obtain a quote, CLICK HERE and fill in the details in our form and upload a range of photos required for us to provide you with a quote prior to booking your vehicle in with us for its Cairns car detailing.

Here is the range of our entire Cairns car detailing services, depending how much you require we can cover the following areas of your vehicle.

Our full Cairns car detailing services do range in price and time to ensure we deliver the best we can for what you want from a full car detail.

What we do:

Our Cairns car detailing starts with a high-pressure washer to remove all the dust and dirt on the external panels of your vehicle. Getting remarkably close to all the grooves and removing all built up residue. The wheels get a close clean getting behind the barrel to remove all the dirt hiding behind your wheel spokes to ensure a thorough Cairns car detailing service.

If you are an avid lover of 4WD it is always guaranteed you have got extra dirt hiding behind the trim, so we always ensure an extra long spray to remove any excess dirt in areas you can’t see as part of our Cairns car detailing. This helps maintain your vehicle and the quality of its paint and regularly using our Cairns car detailing services will ensure maximum longevity.

Exterior Cairns car detailing

  • Exterior hand wash, cut and polish
  • Underbody Spray
  • Rinse & clear coat polish
  • Tyre Shine
  • Body Chamois
  • Exterior Windows
  • Lights, reflectors and lenses

Interior Cairns car detailing

  • Interior Vacuum
  • Interior Windows (ensuring protection of any pre-existing window tinting)
  • Entire Seat Shampoo
  • Rubbish removal
  • Seat, floor and mat upholstery shampoo
  • Leather condition
  • Clean and condition hard surfaces including the dash, glove box and other storage spots, seat belts and door pockets
  • Tyres, wheels & rims
Willmot Smash Repairs are approved repairers
We are fully accredited for the following major insurance companies and manufacturers
Cairns car detailing
car detailing cairns
Cairns car detailing on insurance?
lexus Cairns car detailing
Cairns car detailing for holden
cairns leading car detailing
Our friendly & professional office team assist our customers by doing everything we can to help take the stress out of getting their vehicles repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible.
car detailing services in cairns
The process
With our proven formula to complete projects we have established a process that provides the most efficient management of works while establishing real guidelines on expected completion times.
have your car professionally detailed cairns
Paint shop
The Paint Shop has huge responsibility because it ties all the hard work together into a seamless finish. It’s also the first thing you inspect as a customer picking your newly repaired car.
Cairns Car Detailing
Car detailing
Whether you have a small car or a large 4WD, Willmot Smash Repair Specialist can detail a range of all vehicle makes and models.
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Cairns Car Detailing
Willmot Smash Repairs in conveniently located in central Cairns

Willmot Smash Repairs operate one of the most advanced Cairns Panel Beater workshops in the region and have been providing our class leading services since 1977. More than just Cairns Car Spray Painters, Willmot Smash Repairs provide a whole range of automotive services to best serve the needs of our city and to keep our customers cars in perfect appearance. One of the niche services we offer is Cairns Car Wheel Repair where we can completely refurbish gutter rashed and pothole damaged alloy and mag wheels including refinishing and polishing to get them flawless in appearance. We also provide a comprehensive Cairns Car Detailing service where we can rejuvenate and correct the paint on all vehicle finishes giving an as new look and feel. If you need the services of the leading Cairns Car Accident Repair shop in North Queensland you can't go past the attention to detail, quality work and thoroughness to perfection that Willmot strives to deliver every day.

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